I collect vacuum tubes, vintage parts and tube gear since 1986. Over time this became an obsession of mine and today I have more than 200.000 pieces, mostly from world renowned manufacturers: Telefunken, Philips, Siemens, Mullard, RCA, GE, Marconi, Mazda, Brimar, Taylor Tube, Chattam, United El., Sylvania, Brown Boveri, Cetron, Miniwatt Dario, GEC, Raytheon, Tung-Sol, Ultron, Valvo, Western Electric, KEN-RAD, British Tungsram, United Electronics, STC, General Electric, Eimac, …

Most tubes are in their original boxes and some even in their original packaging in which they were transported directly from the factories to Belgrade.

If you can find anything interesting to you, please, drop me an email to nostubes@gmail.com, but don’t expect bargain prices. This is just my hobby, not my primary business, and I don’t need to sell in rush… And keep in mind that I have spent too much time and money to collect all of these NOS treasures.

Anyway, from time to time I have special offers, when I need to release some space for new tubes or audio/ham radio projects. If you wish to be informed about these hot deals, please subscribe to my mailing list.

After almost 30 years in tube audio – tube amplifiers, kits and parts…

…to be continued soon!

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