6S33S 6C33C Russian Triode

6S33S 6C33C 6S33S-V 6C33C-B Russian indirectly heated triode, perfectly matched pair from 90s, all tubes have the same factory code!!!

Military Packaging for USSR air forces from 60s and 70s



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One thought on “6S33S 6C33C Russian Triode

  1. Steve Marsh

    I am a reviewer for the online audio magazine, 6moons.com. I am helping an elderly gentleman get his system going again. His amp requires four of the 6C33C-B tubes. A dealer friend of mine referred me to you. How much would it cost for four matched 6C33C-B tubes? I may need a second matched quad, too, as my dealer friend said he would want some, too. He carries the Tube Guru line of preamps and amps.
    Do you burn them in for any time period? I ask, because the tube has a reputation for fairly high (~25%) reject rate when testing batches (or that is what I have been told).
    Thanks, Steve


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