FIAT 600 / Abarth History

     Fiat 600 was very suitable car for modifications and Abarth has made a world famous name just on it. Abarth is a name which comes from Karl Abarth, a car mastermind born in Vienna, Austria, on November 15, 1908. 


     It started production based on Fiat 600 with Abarth 750 Berlina in 1956. Fiat and Abarth reached an agreement where Fiat supplied partly constructed cars, and Abarth would finish the car as the Abarth. There were few versions with 41,5 - 50 HP, max. speed was 135 - 150 km/h


     After 750 new version came, at the end of 1960th: Abarth  850TC Berlina  (Turismo Competizione). It was in production till 1966th.  Further modifications led to increase in engine size and the Fiat Abarth 1000 Berlina was created. These platforms dominated the up to 1000 class racing and helped to build the Abarth racing legend.                   



1956-1959 Fiat Abarth 750 Berlina (Derivazione)
1960-1964 Fiat Abarth 850TC Berlina
1961-1963 Fiat Abarth 850TC Nurburgring
1961-1963 Fiat Abarth 850TC Nurburgring Corsa
1961-1967 Fiat Abarth 1000 Berlina
1961-1964 Fiat Abarth 1000 Berlina Corsa
1964-1968 Fiat Abarth 850TC Corsa
1964-1968 Fiat Abarth 1000TC Berlina Corsa 
1967-1968 Fiat Abarth 850TCR Corsa
1967-1970 Fiat Abarth 1000TCR Berlina