Ultimate Fiat 600 / Zastava 750 / Abarth tuning

"Body & Soul" - Fiat Abarth 600D (Zastava 750) & Alfa Romeo155 Racing 


In Yugoslavia,  for more than 30 years these little cars had competed in several classes. The most popular "national class" was based on Zastava 750, but there were also classes for Zastava 750 special,  Zastava 850, Abarth 850 and Abarth 1000 racing cars. Still now there are races, but not for Yugoslav championship, just for Serbian championship. 


For private use, in the 70s it was very popular to use engines and gear boxes of Fiat 850, super, special and Sport Coupe. These engines were 843 to 896 ccm, 34 to 52 HP, and with some slight modifications it could produce about 60 HP. After that started new era with Fiat 903 ccm engine, 45 HP, than 1047 ccm engine 50 HP, 1116 and 1300 ccm engine from Fiat 128. There are few 600 with Fiat/Lancia engines of 1600 ccm. 

But the next one is really one of the biggest monsters among all Abarths I've ever seen. Fiat 600 (actually Zastava 750) with full tuned engine from Alfa 155 racing. Originally, engine was 2000 ccm, but for Yugoslav hobby class it is reduced to 1600 ccm (255 HP). These car were built for more than two years with lot of testing and later modifications. A lot of Alfa Romeo 155 racing parts were used.


Max speed 265 kp/h


Maximum power

245 HP / 9500

255HP / 10500

Displacement 1.6 liter (1588 ccm)
Specific output / Power per liter 160 BHP / liter
Engine type 4 cylinders (Fiat Tempra), 16 valve (Alfa Romeo 155 2.0)
Engine location Central
bore x stroke 68 x 86 mm
bore stroke ratio 0.79
Gearbox Hewland HP 2000, 6-speed sequential shift gearbox
Drive front wheel drive
Year of introduction 2004
Home country Yugoslavia / Serbia / Italy
Weight 800 Kg
Power to Weight ratio 318 BHP / ton
Wheels `19" TechnoMagnesio

I Evolution

Evolution zero