813 Pentode

813 VT-144

(QB2-250 5C-100A 4T100 U3 CV26 CV143 CV177)

813 EE English Electric Valve Co LTD (Made in England)
813 General Electric (Made in Canada)
813 GE USA
813 Ken Rad
813 Mullard
813 RCA
813 STC Standard Telephones And Cables LTD (Made in England)

 813 RCA VT-144 NOS, all same codes original boxes!

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2 thoughts on “813 Pentode

  1. Tuan, Nguyen Minh


    I would like to buy a pair of “813 EE English Electric Valve Co LTD”. Please give me the price and the shipping cost to Vietnam.

    Thank you and best regards


  2. Nipun Malhotra


    We are are looking for tube 813 pentode. Please let us know the quantity you have and quote your best price.


    Delhi, India


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