E82CC Siemens ECC82 12AU7 ECC802S

E82CC Siemens, premium version ECC82 (12AU7), triple mica, O getter with double support, ribbed plates, crimped

Great preamp tube, quiet, detailed, balanced. Made in West Germany by Siemens & Halske. All tubes in original boxes, never opened!!! Label on the top and crimped at the bottom. Due to large quantity perfect matching possible


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3 thoughts on “E82CC Siemens ECC82 12AU7 ECC802S

  1. Deseyn Jean-Pierre

    I am looking for ecc82 miniwatt philips an telefunken ecc802s.
    Do you have this, and what is the price ?
    I am from Belgium. Can I pay with paypall ?



    1. admin Post author

      Hello and thanks for your comment.

      Yes I have ECC82 Philips Miniwatt made in Heerlen, Holland. I have them true NOS, in original boxes, even in big packaging of 200 pcs in which they were transported directly from factory. You can see here ECC82 12AU7 Philips Heerlen.

      I also have ECC802S Telefunken, but just used, I don’t have enough time to test them for transconductance and microphonics at the moment, so I don’t sell them. I have sent prices to your email and I do accept PayPal.



  2. Alex Volny

    Good afternoon Tubes.rs

    I want to buy 2 pieces of Telefunken ECC802S or E82CC Siemens.
    Do you have a matched pair of NOS NIBs?
    If so, what is the price?

    Best regards, Alex.


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