EF12 Telefunken Zaerix

Nowdays when is almost impossible to find out famous Telefunken VF14M, which is specially selected Telefunken VF14 in Neuman’s laborotory in Berlin for their famous U47 mic, EF12 could be used as adequate substitute. The EF12 is hi class audio pentode intended for premium audio tube gear in late 40s and 50s, analogue to glass version EF40 and it is predecessor of later famous EF86 (6267) EF806s and EF804 EF804S. All of those tubes were specially designed to be used in preamplifiers and microphones.

 VF14 and EF12 are very similar tubes, and it’s perfect replacement for so expencive and scarce relative VF14.

Due to big quantity I can select them to fulfill all Neuman specifications like VF14, so they can be used without any modifications and sound like originals.


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