EL95 6DL5 PL95

EL95 6DL5 EI Yugoslavia (Philips internal construction)

F1 Philips codes, from late 80s and 90s. In service packaging, 100 pcs each box

EL95 6DL5 EI Yugoslavia (Made for export, no printing)

These are premium grade EL95 6DL5 tubes with exceptional quality control for export. You could see them rebranded Siemens, Telefunken, Valvo and Philips in 80s when West European tube plants were already closed.

They are earlier EI type with D1 code etched on glass envelope, better sounding than later F1 type

PL95 EI Yugoslavia (Philps)

Philips codes, from 80s. In service packaging, 100 pcs each box

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7 thoughts on “EL95 6DL5 PL95



    i’m interested in your best EL95 6DL5 EI Yugoslavia paired, i would like four audio tubes for my auris headamp,
    is it possible? What is your price for that ?


  2. mante

    Hello, I’m French, can you confirm the possibility of ordering a quad (four) twin tube for my auris audio ha2 Se
    I think of EL 95 6DL5 EI Yugoslavia
    there is origin for this amp PL 95 ei Yugoslavia
    PLs are better?

    if the EL quad is available, what is the price for France, and the modalities of payment, thank you very much thierry

  3. Renaud BERNARD

    Can you confirme the possibility of ordering a quad Twins tube for my auris ha2?
    – PL95(4) philipps
    -EL95 (4) 6DL5 EI D1

    What are the price And the modalities of payment?
    Best regards


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