12DW7 EI Telefunken Smooth Plates

These are rare NOS 12DW7 EI Telefunken Smooth Plates made back in 1998

Long smooth gray plates

Long smooth silver (nickel) plates

They are (almost) identical copies of genuine Telefunken’s smooth plate ECC83 / 12AX7 and ECC82 / 12AU7 from 60s. They are done on original Telefunken tooling machines in EI tube plant in Nis, Serbia. There are few differences:

– they don’t have genuine Telefunken thick getter
– staples are on inner sides of plates facing each other

Telefunken has never made 12DW7, Telefunken ECC83 is the most desirable ECC83 among audiophiles and guitar players. Also Telefunken ECC82 is “must have” for each audiophile as a standard. This unique 12DW7 combines both Telefunken’s triodes in one envelope, it’s real pity that EI hasn’t made them in higher number, so these gems are very scarce today.


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One thought on “12DW7 EI Telefunken Smooth Plates

  1. Edward Rusnak

    I would like to purchase NOS EI 12DW7 tubes Grey Plate type or Silver plate.

    How many do you have? I am looking for seven of either.

    Please reply and thank you in advance.


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