211 VT-4C United Electronics NOS
VT4C United Electronics 1943, excellent (the best ever) 211 type, with romantic sounding, deep, convincing bass, balanced, excellent dynamics.

211 VT-4C United Electronics NOS
There are two types of United VT-4C, with and without central glass support at the top!
211 VT-4C United Electronics NOS
Matched quartet 211 United Electronics VT4C, all same codes.

211 VT-4C United Electronics NOS211 VT-4C United Electronics NOS211 VT4C United Electronics NOS boxes original

211 VT-4C United Electronics NOS211 VT-4C United Electronics NOS211 VT4C United Electronics NOS boxes original

For all tube lovers from Asia who asked for original 211 UE CUE VT-4C boxes …

Original Johnson jumbo sockets for VT-4C 211 (U4J)


Click to see all 203 211 VT-4C triodes in stock


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  1. Hai Toi


    I remeber your site for more than 15 years on geocities.com. It was the first time I have ever seen UE 211. I have SE 211 amplifier and I have never tried 211 United, I have found one pair on Ebay, is it possible to send photos of original boxes of VT-4C UE?

    Thanks and good luck!

    Hai Toi

    1. admin

      Hello and thanks for nice words. Yes I have made my site in 1999 on geocities.com and a lot of people was asking me about different NOS tubes from my collection. When geocities.com was closed I moved it to http://www.tubes.rs and still work on redesigning it. I’ll try to find some free time to make photos of 211 United Electronics original boxes from WWII, but be very careful, it’s a bit risky to buy expensive NOS tubes today.


  2. Hai Toi


    Please upload the photos ASAP, I really need 211 UE!

    All the best!

    Hai Toi

  3. Alberto


    I’m interested in a pair of VT4C United Electronics 1943. Please send a quotation to me. Thank you!

  4. Peter Roody

    I am interested in purchasing a pair of United 211 tubes. Are these available and how much do you want?

    1. leslie

      Are there any United 211s around? I need at least one. Please let me know. Thanks.

  5. admin

    Original boxes for VT-4C 211 CUE United Electronics from 1944 uploaded to http://www.tubes.rs. Sorry for late …

  6. rolando

    do you have 211 united and how much


  7. Bob


    Looking for 4 each United 211’s …..?????Can you help? Bob

  8. paolo

    Dear Sir .
    I would like to know if you have 2 vt4c UE tube and the prices too.
    thank you for attention.
    Best Regards.


  9. ken

    Hi, do u have 211 vt4c for sale?

  10. Krishna

    Hi how much would a pair of VT4 c GE or United , would cost including postal charge.
    It needs to travel to uk. How sturdy are these in transit


  11. Charoen

    I’m looking a match pair of 211.
    What do you have in stock Taylor, GE, UE
    Pls. quote the price per pair

  12. Wong kim fai

    Hello friends, do you have joint brands 2 1 1 and 8 0 5 and other American and European brands. My email number kashing60555@gmail.com and my ebay.sh-46906 thank you

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