2A3 RCA Original Boxes

2A3 RCA in original boxes. Double plates, double D getter

Directly heated triode, made in US, Excellent dual plate 2A3s. Great upgrade for newer production 2A3 like Chinese and Sovteks. All tubes are 100% new and in original boxes. Perfect printing marks without any scratches. Possible very close matching due to big quantities and same codes. They are very scarce these days. On photos is perfectly matched pair with strong emission, 62EX2 RCA codes


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3 thoughts on “2A3 RCA Original Boxes

  1. Laszlo

    Dear Mr. Nikolic,
    I’m interested to by 2 pair (4 pieces) matched RCA 2A3 NOS tubes for my ViVa amplifier. Is it available in your shop and if yes, please, let me know the price for them.
    Best regards,

  2. Michael Bunka

    Hello Mr. Nikolic,

    I am afraid my last mail has got lost. So i am writing once again.
    I am strongly interested in a matched pair of RCA 2a3. Would you please send me a price quote for these tubes?
    Thank you in advance

    sincerely M. Bunka


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