2A3 Sylvania triode2A3 Sylvania triode2A3 Sylvania triode

These are Sylvania CHS 2A3 black plates in mint JAN boxes, specially selected to fulfill high US army standards and famous for their build quality and robustness. All tubes are 100% new with strong emission. Perfect printing marks without any scratches. More than 10 pcs with same codes in stock.
On above photos is perfectly matched pair, 019 code on backelite base


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  1. Heiko Schwarzfeld

    Dear Mr. Nikolic,

    I am very interested in a matchep pair of Sylvania 2A3, Please send your tems and conditions.


    Heiko schwarzfeld

  2. Heiko Schwarzfeld

    Hello Dragan,

    The first ten years I used a pair of old RCAs in my system an was happy with them. Last year I was able to find a pair of KenRads. And they sound very HiFi…by comparison to the KenRads the Sylvanias suit my listenig preferences better because they seem to highlight voices, or lets better say, they bring out the charakters of voices a lot better. I listen to Leonard Cohen, Laurie Anderson, Nick Cave or J. Cash – to name some of the popular voices… even the newsman on the radio is more dominant. I like that.

    The Sylvanias have a different balance compared to KenRads. They do have have this strongly though precise articulated bass which brings my system to its limits. Voices can sound strained and stressed over the KenRads when the volume exceeds a certain level. That is not the case with the Sylvanias.

    To make it short: The Sylvanias bring back the magic into my system – at least an idea of it. Perhaps a dual monoplate Sylvania would do it even better. A Fivre 2A3 would do it maybe even better. Do you have these tubes in your stock? It must not neccassaryly be the Fivre Monoplates, a doubleplate would do.

    My system: Music Connection Musiqua No. 3, Preamp No. 12, Micro Bl 111 with Mission Mechanic-tonearm ad GradoReference MM, Philips CD 103 Stage 4 (redone by Roman Groß), another CD-Player Dynastation No. 3 (on sale) and a Kenwood L01T Tuner, 96 db Dynacox BiConic Speakers, the german Dynavox, now named Dynamikks.

    Kind Regards

    Heiko Schwarzfeld

  3. Alex Flamant

    Hello Dragan,
    Could tell me more about the Sylvania CHS 2A3? Especially the type of the top filament construction (“hanging by “fishing rods”, spring or simply hold by holes in the top mica.)
    Also what is the measurements and your price with shipping to France.
    Kind regards,


  4. Christian Happernagl

    Hello Dragan

    I want to get a matched pair of NOS Sylvania 2a3 Jan CHS Double Black Plates .
    Can you Tell me how much they would cost and what are Shipping costs to Germany ?

    Or can you offer Other good 2A3’s ?

    I Asked Carsten Bussler ( 2a3 maniac ) where i Could buy good NOS 2a3’s and he gave me your Website.


  5. Mauro Degli Esposti

    Hello Dragan,

    I’d like to know if you still have NOS Sylvania 2A3 JAN CHS available.
    Thank you in advance.
    Kind regards.


  6. Raul

    Hello. I need 4 for a pset

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