EF95 5654 6AK5W Telefunken diamond bottom

(M8100 CV4010 403A)

Telefunken 5654 6AK5W diamond bottom in bulk packaging, boxes of 100 pieces, perfect NOS 6AK5W 5654, Made in West Germany

5654_Telefunken_6AK5 5654_Telefunken_6AK5


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  1. patrick

    Hi Dragan

    Would like to purchase 4 pairs of the EF95 5654 6AK5W Telefunken .
    In addition 4 pairs of 6V6 Philips

    Do you make a special price for such an order?

    Best regards

    1. admin

      Hello Patrick,

      Yes I do combined shipping and I give discount for big orders. I’ve sent you an email.

      Kind regards and thanks for visiting http://www.tubes.rs !


  2. Brandt

    Hi, I am interested in buying a box of these – would you please let me know the price of the Telefunken and AEG boxes of 100 tubes?

  3. Jason

    Hi Dragan,

    Would like to purchase 1 pair of the EF95 5654 6AK5W Telefunken, please let me know how much for this, thanks.

    Best regards,

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