6080 – Special quality double triode (Low mu twin power triode) designed for use as series regulator tube in d.c. power supplies in servo application and as booster triode. Shock and vibrationn resistant. Uf=6.3V If=2.5A Ua=250V Ia=125mA Pa=13W (per triode)

– Audio Research VTM200 monoblock power amplifier
– Audiotailor JADE
– Pete Millet HA-2 headphone amp
– Kora Electronics Cosmos
– La Figaro 336C
– Bottlehead Crack
– Croft Apparition Elite OTL Power Amplifier
– Darkvoice 336i
– Little Dot MK6 MK9
– The Wheatfield Audio HA-2 Headphone Amplifier
– Woo Audio WA3 WA2 WA22
– SinglePower Extreme
– SpaceTechLabs SE-6AS7G


6080 GEC CV2984
6080 General Electric specially selected for Tektronix 69 eur matched pair
6080 Heintz & Kaufman
6080 Philips 6AS7G ECC230 Mullard Mitcham Made in UK 149 eur matched pair
6080 RCA
6080 Sylvania
6080 Telefunken 6AS7
6N13S Soviet USSR 6H13C

6080 6AS7 ECC230 CV2984

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  1. Emil


    Do you have a matched pair of GEC 6080?

    Regards Emil

  2. Olaf Bock

    Hello Dragan
    I need a replacement tube set for my Amplifon WT 30 II amplifier.
    Which looks like this
    6 pieces 6H13C or 6AS7G
    4 pieces 6N1P-EW
    And 2 ECC82 (5963 Philips JAN)
    Without match
    Can I get these tubes from you and if so at what price….?
    Many greetings from Hannover
    Olaf Bock

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