6080 GEC 6AS7G CV2984 England><img decoding=6080 GEC 6AS7G CV2984

Geniune UK made 6080, these are black plates version, made in England by GEC, triple mica construction, brown backelite base.

Very rich and powerful sound with superb air – almost all US brands I tried to compare sounded much drier.


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  1. KH

    Can you advise availability of GEC 6080 and please quote a matched pair.


  2. aziz

    can you give me a price please for a matched pair , i m using now a 5998 tung sol, can i use them in my amplifier ? thanks

    1. Enrico Pravato

      Mi servino n. 12 6980 gec
      Hai la disponibilità?
      Enrico Pravato

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