6SN7GT Philips Holland Eindhoven

Original Philips Eindhoven 6SN7GT 1955, gray coated version r9 (r91, r90, …) codes and 45I codes on bottom of backelite base, these tubes are almost NOS, with no signs of usage on top of glass envelope.

1st photo: 1st 5 tubes Eindhoven, than 3 The tubes with slightly higher coating, they are r93 L7H & L7G codes, made in Belgium, Bruxelles Mazda tube plant in 1957.
last photo: top row, the tube in the middle with visible signs of use is tested used, mutual conductance around 2150 uMhos.


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12 thoughts on “6SN7GT Philips Holland Eindhoven

    1. admin Post author


      Thanks for your in interest in 6SN7 made by Philips.

      I’ve sent you email about all details.


  1. Simon Pedersen


    looking to procure 1x philips (holland) 6SN7GT

    Do you still have available stock? What is the price per peice and shipping to Canada?

    Thank you

  2. Mike

    If there are any more available I would like to order a pair of the Philips 6SN7GT. Also looking for the black glass version of this tube. Thank you.

  3. cheung wai chung

    I am interesting to this tube of 6SN7GT Philips Holland Eindhoven.
    Where can buy this tube and what price.

    Thanks lot.


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