Nice NOS pair of 6SN7WGT Sylvania VT231 tubes made in the U.S, I supposse in the 50’s. “Chrome Top” brown base, black parallel plates One of the best sounding 6SN7 ever produced, highly recommended.
Perfectly matched pair, also checked for noise and microphonics
6SN7WGT Sylvania VT2316SN7WGT Sylvania VT231

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  1. cherd

    How much moneyi will pay to you to have two tubes in Creta.
    6SN7WGT Sylvania VT231.

  2. Oni Ramdani

    Tube sylvania JAN CHS 6SN7WGT 1 MATCH PAIR READY?

  3. Oni Ramdani

    what is the price of 1 NOS good pair from 6SN7WGT SYLVANIA VT231?

    1. Michael Charles

      Why do you not provide prices ?

      1. Michael Charles

        Again why do you not provide prices ?

      2. Michael Charles

        Where are the prices ?

  4. Alain

    I bought many many years a lot vt231 and 6sn7 Gt. Wgt
    Today I sell
    6 sylvaniq vt231 or 6sn7 get in perfect condition 300 euros
    2 rca vt231 black glass 100 euros
    1 ken rad vt 231 black glass
    1 ken rad 6sn7 get Those two tubes are the same
    5 tungsol Jan ctl 6sn7wgt in original produced February 1959 165 euros
    My mail is
    I have been using 3 sylvania and 3 tungsol for more than 15 years and they still running incredible quality
    Alain Faure

  5. Si

    Could I have pairs of 6sn7wgt still available? Thanks

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