813 RCA VT144 VT-144 pentode813 RCA VT144 VT-144 pentode813 RCA VT144 VT-144 pentode

813 RCA VT-144 QB2/250 in original red & black boxes, boxes are in bad condition, but tubes are perfect NOS. Here is shown pefectly matched quad, dates of production are August and September 1943, contract number SC223, some other examples are from WWII period 1942-1945

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  1. I. Sabatella

    Kindly submit price for delivery to Brazil four RCA 813 power tubes.

  2. Daniel

    Dear sir, how much is the price for 4 pieces 813 RCA VT-144 QB2/250 matched quad delivered to 8540 Deerlijk (Belgium)?
    Thanks for your answer.
    Kind regards, Daniel

  3. Ilias

    Hi there,

    how much is the cost for 2 pieces 813 RCA VT-144 dekivered to Greece?

    Thank you.

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