814 General Electric (VT-154)

JAN 814 General Electric, Canada. Nice looking tube, possible audio use, triode strapped!

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  1. jaedong-kim

    Dear Sir,
    Hi ,how many do you have this item(814 General Electric VT154)?
    I want to buy in batches.
    If you have, please let me know total price.
    Have a nice day !!
    i want to know how much the shipping cost to South Korea is.

  2. Daniel

    Dear sir, how much is the price for 4 pieces General Electric 814 delivered to 8540 Deerlijk (Belgium)?
    Thanks for your answer.
    Kind regards, Daniel

  3. Tadeusz

    Dear Sir, Have you got 814 tube on the stock, please inform me about the price of matching pair?
    BR Tadeusz

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