4 thoughts on “AD1 Tungsram

  1. Jaedong Kim

    Dear Sir,
    Hi i want to buy AD1 tube pair(2 pieces)now.
    How much is the shipping cost to South Korea and the price of tube pair?
    I want to pay 200$ for the price of item and 60$ for shipping cost(Total: 260$).
    I’ll wait for your answer.
    And send me the picture of AD1 pair.
    Have a nice day!!

  2. Andras Nemeth

    Hello Dragan!

    Nice collection! Congratulation!
    Good to see that you own these pretty NOS AD1s. Are these Hungarian ones? Tungsram was a tube factory here in Budapest. Now it’s GE and not manufacturing tubes at all 🙁 Do you have spare pair of AD1’s for sell or just for fun of your own? I plan to start collecting old Hungarian tubes for the posterity.
    Have a nice day!
    Kind regards,
    Andras Nemeth

  3. enrico corsi

    my name is Enrico i live in Italia genova is my city
    is a pair of AD1 still available ??
    do you also have its bases to make them work?
    send the best offer and shipping costs
    Hi Enrico


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