E80CC 6085 Philips Double Triode Made in Holland

E80CC / 6085 is dual triode in noval envelope ( B9A base) , it is long life 10000+ hours, gold pins, shock resistant and vibration resistant tube designed by Philips for use as audio frequency amplifier and DC amplifier. It was mostly used in professional audio applications before entered in Hi End world. Very tight tolerance and great matching between two triode systems. I don’t know exact year of introduction, but the oldest E80CC I have is made back in 1956.
Nice tube for audio use and possible use like as ECC82 12AU7 6SN7 6N8S 6N1P replacement with a bit higher filament current, higher plate resistance and lower GM and Mu.

On the left: E80CC 6085 Philips foil D getter, pinched waist, gold pins … 1st version 1956
On the right: E80CC Philips 6085 D getter, pinched waist, gold pins … 2nd version 1959
Two stars for SQ series … The difference is not just a getter …

Later versions with ring getter halo rebranded CEI, Valvo, Siemens Halske, Telefunken … in original CEI boxes in in white boxes stamped CEI

Few of them rebranded Ultron, gold pins, big halo getter, Herelen code
All tubes are 100% NOS with PERFECT PRINTS and in original boxes!!!

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4 thoughts on “E80CC 6085 Philips Double Triode Made in Holland

  1. ricardo

    you have matched pair (actually i just need tr1 matched) of philips pinched waist Foil D getter 1956?
    for how much?
    best regqrds

    1. admin Post author

      Hello Paul,

      I don’t know all the settings, I use it just occaisonally for testing “on the road”.



  2. Max


    I loocking for two tube Philips MINIWATT E80CC (SQ). Do you have that? How much cost this two tubes?

    King regards


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