This is preminum type ECC81 / 12AT7. It’s made by Siemens in West Germany, June 1975. Triple mica type, plates with one side hole, very rare type. All tybes are in original boxes, and in original 100 pieces packagings. Great sounding tube. Factory warranty for 10,000 hour life. Triple mica spacers for extremely low microphonics. Some customers use it instead of ECC83 / 12AX7 if they don’t need too much gain.

E81CC Siemens

Ciao Dragan, Thanks a lot for your Siemens E81CC. I’ve changed tube in my MXL V69M Mogami Microphone few days ago, and … I can’t describe, it’s completelly new mic right now! Much warmer tone, and smooth top end! Please ship me one more piece. Thanks a lot!!!

Massimo XXXXXX

Hello Dragan, I use your E81CC in my Brocksieper LC807/75 amplifier. I have few types of ECC81 tubes, and I change them from time to time. I use your Siemens E81CC last few weeks, and I really enjoy listening some old jazz CDs, with new details and incredible resolution.

Dietrich XXXXXXX


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  1. gordan

    Koristim lampe za preamp (Oakley i VTL) i amp MCIntosh MC2000. Voleo bi da kupim NOS Ecc 81/ 82/ 83 kao i izlazne 6550 i kt 88. imam i par prijatelja koji se interesiraju za lampe. Cesto putujem(o) za BGDali mozemo da kontaktiramo i telefonom.
    Skopje, Makedonija

  2. Roberto Pack

    Ciao Dragan, i’ve used your valves in the Lector Digitube s192 DAC and wow, what a detailed and real sound! I’m very satisfied with them, valve search for this dac: over! Grazie

  3. Toni

    Koja je cena za Philips SQ E80F , Telefunken ECC808 i PhilipsSQ E188CC

  4. Peter

    Dear Mr. Nicolic,
    I’m interested in the following NOS NIB tubes on your website.
    Can you please provide me with the prices of these tubes for matched pairs?
    I’m considering buying 2 or 3 pairs depending on price and suitability.
    (For my Xduoo TA-20)

    Thanks in advance for your respons.

    Peter (Netherlands)

    6201 Philips E81CC

    E81CC Siemens 6201

    ECC81 Philips 12AT7 Suresnes France

    E82CC Siemens ECC82 12AU7 ECC802S

    ECC82 Philips 12AU7 Miniwatt Made in Holland

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