Professional EL84 6BQ5, E84L is Long Life 10000 hours version

E84L Siemens Munich 7320E84L Siemens Munich 7320E84L Siemens Munich 7320

E84L Siemens Munich 7320E84L Siemens Munich 7320
This is three slots, two plate ribbs version. Matched pairs, quads or sextets are available, for high end SE, push pull audio amplifiers or guitar amplifiers! Made in West Germany, Siemens, Munich tube plant, U03 ≠7F codes.
E84L 7320 have higher limiting values than EL84 6BQ5, anode voltage is higher, also plate dissipation is 13.5W instead 12.0 W. Grid No.2 voltage and dissipation are also higher. They can be used in 7189 applications (not 7189A).
They are really good example of how tubes used to be made. I had box

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  1. Dejan Palinkaš

    Interesuju me cene za sledeće cevi:
    E84L Siemens
    EL84 Ei Yugoslavia, rinfuz (bulk)
    EL84 Ei Yugoslavia u singl pakovanju
    Radi se o količinama od 12 kom od vrste.

    Srdačan pozdrav.

  2. John Romano

    Good Day,
    I recently sent a message through instagram. I am interested in purchasing a quad of Siemens EL84 valves for my amplifier. Could you quote a price including shipping to the US?
    Thank You
    John Romano

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