New in original boxes, gold pins, diamond bottom!

These tubes were made in 60s when gold pins really meant quality. Today a lot of cheap tubes are gold pins and they are sold like premium versions – now it’s just marketing ploy. These are super-premium version of 6922 tube, with guaranteed matching between the two triodes and also, other characteristics are specially tested for and controlled. Very dimensional and musical tube, with smooth, balanced and realistic highs. Lots of air and depth, great imaging!!! Geniuine Telefunken tube with diamond bottom <>.

E88CC Telefunken 6922 E88CC Telefunken 6922 E88CC Telefunken 6922

Diamond bottoms <>, gold pins, original boxes!

E88CC Telefunken 6922 E88CC Telefunken 6922

E88CC (ECC88, 6DJ8, 6922, 7308) Telefunken tube, all same code U3218104

Telefunken code explanation (post 1968 tubes) U3218104 code

U = Ulm tube plant, West Germany U3218104

Day 32=> 23 (reverse first and second digit) U3218104

Month 11 => November (third and fifth digit) U3218104

Year => 1968 (Last digit of year, fourth digit) U3218104

These E88CC Telefunken were made on 23.11.1968 in Ulm plant in West Germany

Hello Dragan and thanks for your recommendation. These Tele’s sound fantastic in my AUDION PREMIER QUATTRO LINE Q4. I have tried 6N23 and few different current production 6DJ8 / 6922, but now I can understand all the fame about Telefunken diamond bottoms!!!


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  1. Xavier Amaros


    I’ve bought Telefunken 6922 matched pair from ebay, good seller with hi rank. The tubes are exactly the same like yours Telefunken E88CC code U3218104, except markings, they are more yellowish, not white. Everything else is fine, diamond bottoms, clear new gold pins and perfect new boxes. I’m suspicios a bit about markings, they are not smeared and it almost impossible to wipe them off with shirt.

    What would you reccomend me, to return them or keep?

    Thank you

  2. Tony

    The U3218104 and u2108604f date codes are well known military surplus pulls and are not new tubes. They are real Telefunken but have been used before and the tubes from these series that I have heard often sound very used and don’t have that sparkle that they should.

    Google the page at Jac Music for another opinion on these.

    1. admin

      Hello Tony and thanks for your interest and time for visiting

      The U3218104 and u2108604f are just codes, and they don’t say anything about usage of tubes by themselves. Tubes with these codes could be NOS, used or rebranded NOS / used.

      I have seen NOS PCC189 original Telefunken’s with diamond bottoms and freshly done gold pins, rebranded 6922/E88CC in mint NOS boxes. These tubes are pin to pin compatible, PCC has slightly different heater voltage (7.0 -> 6.3Volts). When you plug in this rebranded PCC189 in your tube gear it’ll probabblly work, but not as well as any other ECC88 / 6DJ8 NOS tube. I have got them from old client, matched quad, they appeared NOS on tester, but they are PCC189 unforunatelly.

      Mr Jac was talking about used E88CC with new printed marks and u2108604f codes.

      I’m too long in tube audio and have too many NOS virgins in stock to need to waist my time with fakery business, and I have enough experience to recognize them immediately.

      Kind regards,


      1. Fred Kraan

        I need a pair NOS Telefunken e88cc, but I do not know where to buy them…Any recomendations?

  3. Kevin Deal

    Greetings – I saw the comments on the tubes being used, as stated by Tony and Jacmusic. I bought most all of this inventory. I flew to Europe, and have an agent there that works with me to track down old stocks of tubes. This stash of E88CC is the biggest find ever in the world of vacuum tubes. I bought almost a half million dollars worth, in a staged purchase taking over a year. They are brand new, perfect, untouched tubes. I know my business, and wouldn’t buy $100 worth if there was something wrong. I even researched the outer packing box manufacturer codes.

    My colleague there on the scene states that the person that had possession of the tubes and Jacmusic are “mortal enemies”. Remember that some tube dealers try to buy stock for noting. These tubes were on the market for over a year, and it took another year to do the deal. The seller was smart and got the top dollar he deserved for them.

    Telefunken and most every E88CC will show use after even 12 hours of use. The idea of finding five thousand used ones, that are 100% perfect, with zero burn marks is laughable. People love to find dirt as Tony does. Then they repeat a “fact” that they saw from ONE PERSON. Jacmusic, who didn’t get to buy them.

  4. Sosic

    Halo Gospodine Nikolicu,
    Ja radim u Nemackoj. te wam od tuda i pisem
    Da li mozete lifrovati Cevi E88CC 20 Komada u Nemacku.
    Ako mozet lifrovati, kazite mi Koje su marke i u kakvom su stanju
    Ja bi placao PayPalom.
    Oprostite na ovom pisanju bez kvacica, to je nemacka tastatura.

  5. Jerry

    Unable to find a way to purchase tubes.

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