This is 6922 tube by Telefunken (E88CC) premium 6DJ8 / ECC88 tube. This is post 1968 version with straight getter arm!

E88CC_6922_Telefunken_MatchedPair E88CC_6922_Telefunken_MatchedPair

Perfectly matched pair with same codes.

Telefunken code explanation (post 1968 tubes) U1000604 code

U = Ulm tube plant, West Germany U1000604

Day 10=>01 (reverse first and second digit) U1000604

Month 06 => June (third and fifth digit) U1000604

Year => 1970 (Fourth digit, last digit of year, ) U1000604

These E88CC Telefunken were made on 01.06.1970 in Ulm plant in West Germany

E88CC_6922_Telefunken boxes E88CC telefunken boxes

Two types of 6922 Telefunken straight getter arm boxes. E88CC 1 and E88CC Box in celophane.

E88CC_6922_Telefunken types E88CC telefunken type

Two types of 6922 telefunken tubes. ON the left is straight arm getter and angle arm getter on the right.

These tubes were made in 60s when gold pins really meant quality. Today a lot of cheap tubes are gold pins and they are sold
like premium versions – now it’s just marketing ploy. These are super-premium version of 6922 tube, with guaranteed matching between the two triodes and also, other characteristics are specially tested for and controlled. Very dimensional and musical tube, with smooth, balanced and realistic highs. Lots of air and depth, great imaging!!!
Geniuine Telefunken tube with diamond bottom <>. The best E88CC 6DJ8 6922 ECC88 I’ve ever tried.


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    Hey There! Thanks don’t see pricing. How much are your NOS 1968 Telefunken 6922 tubes?
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