ECC81 Philips 12AT7 Suresnes France

These are geniuine Philips ECC81 12AT7, Made in France , ring getter, single plate hole and Tk2 F3I5 codes. Made in September 1963 in Suresnes plant, Radiotechnique.

I have seen many of them labeled Amperex Bugle boy 12AT7 ECC81.

Perfectly matched pair within 1%!!!

In original boxes

More then 300 pieces in stock!!!

ECC81 Phillips 12AT7 Miniwatt double triode, made in France


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3 thoughts on “ECC81 Philips 12AT7 Suresnes France

  1. Ales Dolzan

    Pozdrav iz Ljubljane,

    trebam kvartet , 4kom, dobrih 6550 pentoda. Koje prepuručuješ za koliko?
    Trebam i par ecc81, 2kom, nešto odlično NOS. Koje je optimalan cijev za dobru cijenu?
    Možda – ECC81 Philips 12AT7 Suresnes France?

    lp, Aleš

  2. Fabien

    Hello Sir
    I live in France
    What is the price for 2 NOS matched pair tubes of ecc81 Philips Miniwatt ?
    Thanks by advance

  3. Panos

    Hello from Athens Greece.
    Would you please quote me price for a pair of NOS ECC81 Philips miniwat , including postage ?
    Wishing you a Happy New Year.
    Kindest regards


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