Here are three versions of famous British made 12AU7 ECC82 by Brimar. Brimar is not so famous brand like Mullard, but tubes are exceptional quality and sounding for hi end audio use.
It’s very smooth sounding tube, lot of details and perfect ballance and very long life!

Brimar British made 12AU7 ECC82Brimar British made 12AU7 ECC82Brimar British made 12AU7 ECC82

From left to the right:
Long black plates square getter — Long ribbed gray plates side getter (almost identical plates like Mullard long ribbed plates and similar sound characheristics) — Short ribbed gray plates top ring getter
Brimar British made 12AU7 ECC82
Here is clearly vissible rare square getter, ribbed black plates (long plates!!!)
Brimar British made 12AU7 ECC82
Matched (platinum) pairs, almost identical sections within 2.5%, low noise pairs, burnt out for 24 hours

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  1. iliya

    Good day!

    Do you accept money transfer via PayPal?

    How much is:
    1. Brimar Side Getter Long Plates and Declined Square Getter Black Long Plates
    2. E80cc Square Getter Pinched Waist Δ9I – pair.

    All required with maximum close halves.
    Please, If you can, write valve test for this tube.

    Best regards,

  2. Sorin

    What is the price for each pair Brimar ECC82 / 12Au7 ?

  3. eric tai

    dear sir
    do u have brimar 12AX7 red print & brimar 12AU7 red print or brimar 6057 red print for sale?
    many thanks

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