12AU7 Brimar (Made in England B.V.A.) (D getter, side getter, ring getter, square getter, halo)
12AU7A Sylvania
5963 RCA 12AU7 Square Getter Flat Foil Crossbar (Used)
E82CC ( ECC802S) Siemens
ECC82 12AU7 EI Philips ribbed plates with ring getter halo, double support rods
ECC82 12AU7 EI smooth Telefunken’s plates Ei Nis plant (bulk packaging, without boxes)
ECC82 12AU7 Mullard Made in Great Britain
ECC82 12AU7 Mullard made for Philips, British made, Blackburn tube plant
ECC82 RFT (Old logo)
ECC82 12AU7 RFT (New logo)
ECC82 RSD 12AU7A (4, new rest used tested)
ECC 82 12 AU7 Philips Holland Heerlen delta codes
ECC82 12AU7 Philips Holland dimpled disc getters
ECC 82 12AU7 Philips Used
ECC82 Telefunken
ECC82 Telefunken Used
ECC82 Siemens

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  1. julius


    I am looking for 4pcs matched and balanced ECC82, ECC802S or 12AU7 Amperex or Philips Holland and Telefunken if you can please advise price.



  2. Belguebli

    Quel est votre prix pour une paire de 12AU7 Mullard
    made in england nos

  3. Aw Tye Hesn

    I’m looking for 1 pair of Phillip NOS 12AU7/ECC82
    tubes. If u have a pair pls quote me the price.
    Thank you & tegards

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