ECC83 12AX7 E83CC ECC803S 7025

12AX7 NEC Japan
12AX7A Sylvania 7025
E83CC Siemens Made in West Germany Used
E283CC Philips Used
E283CC Philips SQ
E283CC Siemens
E283CC Siemens Used
ECC83 EI Yugoslavia (Telefunken gray long smooth plates) 2A1 code 89 euros matched pair
ECC83 EI Yugoslavia (Telefunken silver long smooth plates) 2A1 code 99 euros matched pair
ECC83 Philips 12AX7 Small Round O Getter, used, matched pair 115 euros
ECC83 Philips 12AX7 Big Round O Getter, used, matched pair 165 euros
ECC83 Philips 12AX7 Foil D Getter, used 70%, single 95 euros
ECC83 12AX7 Philips Dimple Disc
ECC83 RFT 12AX7 NOS, original boxes, 79 euros MP
ECC83 RFT 12AX7, NOS, matched pair without boxes 69 euros
ECC83 RFT 12AX7 used, tested like new, matched pair 39 euros
ECC83 (12AX7) Siemens matched pair 275 euros

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