ECC88 6DJ8 CCa E88CC 6922 PCC88 E188CC 7308 7DJ8 PCC189

CCa Siemens USED!!!
E88CC Philips 6922 250 eur MP
E88CC Siemens 250 eur MP
6922 Siemens E88CC Bulk styro foam packaging 200 eur MP
E88CC Siemens USED!!!
E88CC (6DJ8, 6922, ECC 88) Telefunken (angle getter arm) 750 eur MP
E88CC (ECC88, 6922, 6DJ8, ECC 88) Telefunken (straight getter arm)
E188CC Philips Miniwatt / 7308
E188CC Philips USED!!!
E188CC Valvo 7308 Holland Heerlen
E288CC Siemens Germany rebranded Philips 8223
ECC88 6DJ8 EI Yugoslavia A frame Philips construction (Bulk) 79 eur MP
ECC88 6DJ8 EI Yugoslavia
ECC88 6DJ8 Philips Dimpled Disc Getter A frame construction
ECC88 Tungsram
PCC88 EI Yugoslavia from late 60s 99 eur MP
PCC88 EI Yugoslavia A-Frame 79 eur MP
PCC88 EI Yugoslavia A-Frame Bulk packaging wo boxes and wo prints 65 eur MP
PCC88 7DJ8 6N23P Soviet Special Grade for export 59 eur MP
PCC88 7DJ8 Soviet Made Old USSR
PCC88 Tesla Czechoslovakia from 70s 65 eur MP
PCC88 Tungsram from 70s (1971) 149 eur MP
PCC189 7ES8 EI Philips A Frame 49 eur MP
PCC189 7ES8 Tesla (Prototype serie) 59 eur MP

All matched pairs (MP) are tested for plate current and transconductance and selected for low noise and no microphonics. All pairs are REAL PLATINUM MATCHED PAIRS because of big number of tubes in stock!!!

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  1. ROY

    PCC88 Tesla Czechoslovakia from 70s 35 eur MP
    price for a matched pair including shipping to USA 98375 ?


      41 euros, MP including air mail registered shipping,

      Kind regards!

  2. slobodan


    Tražim da kupim dobre lampe el84-4kom, ecc88-2kom i jednu ecc82 za audio inovation s200 amp. Po mogućstvu telefunken ili nešto bolje. Da li imate nešto u ponudi?
    Puno pozdrava
    Slobodan iz Vranja

  3. marco

    hallo, I am interested about mp 6np23 have you the holy grayl?
    regards Marco

  4. Zeka

    I have Original Telefunken E88CC , NOS, from 1968 year, with “Diamond” sign, 8 pcs for sale. This fantastic Tubes are from Private colectin, in this moment 20 pcs, same series and conditios ( NOS)

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