EL34 6CA7 Philips Mullard Pentode

The EL34 6CA7 is an output pentode introduced in 1953 by Mullard and intended for use in audio amplifiers and modulators. It has an octal base, indirectly heated cathode 6.3V/1.5A, plate dissipation 25W. It’s capable to give 11W in Single End configuration and up to 100W in push-pull amplifiers running 800V on plates in B class. Russian equivalent, but not completelly exact is 6P27S / 6П27C

EL34 EI Yugoslavia (pre WAR era)
EL34 Fivre Italy
EL34 Philips Metal base
EL34 6CA7 Philips Miniwatt – Mullard Xf2 welded plates, black base
EL34 6CA7 Mullard Xf3 1974 Blackburn UK
EL34 Philips XF4
EL34 Siemens (Used in original blue yellow boxes)
EL34 6CA7 Telefunken

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