Without boxes, but tubes and printing on tubes are perfect! I’ve seen these tubes under a lot of various logos like Siemens, Lorenz, Philips, Telefunken especially. They have been made in few versions, from flat foil disc getter to small halo. Very long lasting EL34. I suppose that these tubes are from late 70s, single O getter, four stapled plates, two slots version.

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  1. balmisse

    hi-what is the price for 4xEL 34 RFT?-regards

  2. Aleksandar

    Gago ,
    pošto su ti EL-34 “RFT” , po komadu i naše /Niške/ ?
    Aca B. Pavlović

  3. mario

    kolika je cijena za 4xEL 34 RFT

  4. Sasa

    Kolika je cena?

  5. saša

    koliko koštaju EL34 RFT ?

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