Slightlly used, tested like new, in original boxes, Siemens actualy never made any EL34 / 6CA7 in their plants. Ring getter and two slots in plates. Anyway very good sounding tubes comparing to current production, with good bass and balanced mids, good choice for guitar amplifiers.

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  1. Valvicus

    Those seem to be RFT-made tubes: compare the large-holed “self-stapling” of the plates to the smaller holes of an xf3 or xf4 Mullard from Blackburn; also, the envelope is slimmer than a Mullard’s, fitting entirely within the base, with no flaring out above the base’s rim — plus, there’s no hole in the base’s spigot, is there?


    Yes they are RFT. RFT has been the biggest manufacturer of EL34 during 80s when all Western European tube plants were closed.
    They have been rebranded Philips, Siemens and Telefunken.
    Thanks for comment and kind regards!

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