EL84 EI Yugoslavia Output Pentode ( 6BQ5) from 80s

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Without boxes, but tubes and printing on tubes are perfect! I’ve seen these tubes under a lot of various logos like Siemens, Philips . . . I suppose that these tubes are from beggining of 80s, ring getter with dual getter arms and getter wings, stapled plates in three spots, three slots on plates. I have two batches, KM4 1A & KM4 0L Philips codes. EI factory code (circle that is broken at the bottom, with a dot in the center) is printed in front of date codes!

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  1. ales

    Bok, e super vidim da imate nešto za mene…
    E koliko su EL84 EI Yugoslavia 6BQ5 2 komada/par?
    Lepi pozdrav iz Slovenije

  2. John Nouwens

    To whom it may concern,

    Do you still have any quantities of the EL84 EI Yugoslavia tubes? If so how many, and please coul dyou inform me of your bulk pricing?

    Kind regards,

    John Nouwens

  3. Gerrit Hogewoning

    Have you stil got the ei yougoslavie tubes on and what is the price and sending to Holland like to Hear from you

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