GM70 Russian DHT

GM70 is Russian directly heated power triode intended for use in military AM transmitters like modulator tube.It’s made in Ulyanovsk factory.Directly heated wolfram thoriated cathode, plate dissipation 125W, genuine triode capable for 30W SE amplifier.There is also copper plate version. Sounds much better, but smaller power.

I have more than 150 GM70 output triodes. Most of them were made in 70s and 80s. As I know they were made since WWII, but I have never seen them with date codes form 40s and 50s.

Perfectly matched quad from March, 79th, all tubes have the same factory code!!!


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9 thoughts on “GM70 Russian DHT

  1. Ola


    Do you currently have any GM70s (matched pair) either graphite or copper in stock and how much are they?

    Best Regards


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