PCL86 14GW8 EI Yugoslavia

PCL86 14GW8 EI Yugoslavia, NOS in bulk packaging, from 80s, made in EI tube plant in Nis, Serbia, Yugoslavia

PCL86 14GW8 EI Yugoslavia triode-pentode, all same codes 100 pieces, superior sound, specially in resolution and treble to any current production PCL86 / ECL86 14GW8 / 6GW8. Possible very close matching thanks to big number of same tube construction and identical codes.

These are also from 80s, in original yellow EI Nis boxes, copper grid posts, genuine Philips construction


“Post war” EI PCL86 14GW8 EI Tubes, bulk packaging, platinum pairs and quads

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4 thoughts on “PCL86 14GW8 EI Yugoslavia

  1. Karthigayan Parthasaraty

    I am from Chennai (Madras),India. interested in buying 4 or 5 Nos. PCL86. Kindly quote me the price with shipping.
    Also interested in ECL86 similar Nos, for reserve purpose.

  2. Royden Moran

    I would like to purchase (4) PCL-86 matched tubes for a Shindo Aurieges preamp. How much would they cost in Canadian or US dollars, Shipped to Peterborough, On, Canada K9H 4T7, please.

  3. H. UEDA

    Hello Dear

    I am living in Japan
    I want to buy 200 pcs of Ei PCL86
    1. EMS OK ?
    2. How many days for delivering ?
    3. How much is amount of PCL86 & international delivery cost ?
    4. Credit card OK ?


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