PL519 40KG6 NOS EI YugoslaviaPL519 40KG6 NOS EI Yugoslavia

Triple mica construction, AFA Philips codes (AAA is Philips code for PL509) the best for audio use, much much better than current production clones. If you need PL509/519 for HF amplifier use dual mica version, cheaper solution. On the second photo is shown difference between older triple mica version from 80s with different heat wings and newer production from 90s and 2000+


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  1. William

    HI; What is the cost of the E.I pl519 tubes cheers William

  2. bp

    40kg6, 2matched pairs. Invoice request. Tnx.

  3. steven

    what is the price of the 40kg6a/pl519 and what brand.

  4. John Rushworth

    Hi What is ithe brang cost of the PL 519’s please


  5. admin

    Hello and thanks for your interest in EI PL519 tubes!

    All prices are on main All sweep tubes page


  6. Fabrizio Cataldo

    Hi. What is the cost of “PL-519 40KG6A”. How can I buy?

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