4 pins ( UJ4 UV4 UX4 )

5 pins

6 pins

7 pins
Miniatur (B7G)

8 pins
Octal (K8A) NOS
Rimlock (B8A) (Philips NOS chassis montage)
Loctal (B8G)
P8 type (P8A)


9 pins
Noval (B9A) NOS
Magnoval (B9G)(NOS Philips chassis montage)
Magnoval (Used PCB)

10 pins

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  1. Piet


    i would like to buy some Rimlock (B8A) (Philips NOS chassis montage) sockets.

    Can you give me your price for 10 or 25 or evenmore if you have?


  2. Julian Caswell

    Would you please provide price and delivery for 10 off and 20 off Octal (K8A) tube sockets
    Thank yo

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