Tube boxes

White plain Noval tube boxes for ECC81 ECC82 ECC83 EL84 EZ81 …
Noval size

15 PCS – 8.95 USD including shipping
40 pcs – 17.95 USD including shipping
85 PCS – 22.50 USD including shipping
200 PCS – 59.50 USD including shipping
750 PCS – 139.50 USD including shipping

They are COMPLETE BOXES, already folded and glued!!!

Octal size

Classic EI tube boxes for octal size tubes (EL34, PL36, 6SN7, GZ34 and for smaller magnoval types PL500, PL504, EY500A, PY500, …)
Stamped 6DQ6B – 0,5 eur each
Magnoval size

Classic EI tube boxes for magnoval size tubes (PL509, EL519, PL519 and for bigger octal types KT90, 6CA7 fat bottle, …)
Not stamped – 0,5 eur each


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