Here are photos and short descriptions of some of my testers.

Neuberger RPM370

VT4-C 211 plate testing on Neuberger RPM370
1st photo: 211 VT-4C United Electronics, tested on Neuberger RPM 370 with socket adaptor (giant jumbo socket – octal)
Ua = 600V, Ug1 = -10V.
2nd photo: Testing EL34 Philips Miniwatt Xf4 for plate current …
3rd photo: Neuberger RPM 370, serial num 102, year of production 1950th. This tester is modified in just one thing, tube rectifiers are changed with silicone diodes, old capacitors are replaced by new ones and now it’s capable to supply 600V plate voltage for testing 211 tubes via socket adaptor.

Metrix U-61B

Metrix U61BMetrix U-61B franceMetrix U61B tube tester

Great tube tester made by Metrix (COMPAGNIE GENERALE DE METROLOGIE, ANNECY FRANCE) model U-61 B

Testing big lot of pre war ECC83 12AX7 by Elektronska Industrija Nis

Hickok I-177B

This tester was designed for military during WWII. It’s exceptional quality built, for testing newer types, double triodes and some specific valves there is socket adapter kit MX-949/U. Mutual conductance test 0-15000 mMhos

Testing transconductance Philips EL34 on Hickok I-177B tube tester, military product from WWII, I use it like mutual transconductance meter for old type antique tubes.

Tesla BM 215 A

Tesla BM 215 A Tube TesterTesla BM 215 A Tube TesterTesla BM 215 A Tube Tester

Nice and compact tester, great design. More details here  On line cards

Jackson model No 637, dynamic output tube tester

ChinagliaDino Elettrocostruzioni  Provavalvole560

ChinagliaDino Elettrocostruzioni; Belluno,Italia,  Provavalvole560 tube tester, small, simple and light one. It’sclassic “emission tester” cheap and sometimes could be dangerous solution, because it can overstress the tube with too big current. Anyway it could be very useful for fast testing and random testing bigger quantites of same type, if you are not in mood to bring 30 kgs of Neuberger iron with you!


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  1. Steven Schneider

    I also have a Neuberger RPM370, a Metrix U61 and a Hickok I-177 tube tester. I agree that they are all very good. I am amazed at you have the German and French tube testers and have a great selection of vacuum tubes.

  2. Chris Raggatt

    Hi I’m wantng to test some old telefunken and RFT EF12 valves and wonder what tester would work best for these tubes. Thanks

    1. Borut Vidmar

      funke w20

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