2A3 Marconi Canada

2A3 Canadian Marconi Company, February 1945 in original JAN boxes. Double plate, identical construction like RCA

Just few pairs left in stock!!!

Directly heated triode, made in Canada, Excellent dual plate 2A3s. Great upgrade for newer production 2A3 like Chinese and Sovteks. All tubes are new and in original boxes. Possible very close matching due to big quantities. They are very scarce these days.

Hi Dragan,

My system consists of the portable hifiplayer COLORFLY, an OPERA consonance cyber-30 2A3 with modified coupling capacitors (old Russian oil-paper capacitor from the military) speakers for the time still fostex fullrange, for the future old coral beta 10 in backloaded horn ………they finish in next week………….. the sound of your tubes is two classes better than the Sovteks …

Juan XXXXXXXXXX xxxxxxxx@gmx.de


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