6N6P-I ECC99 E182CC

Twin triode, noval socket, the same pinout like ECC88 / 6DJ8, medium mu

I have few boxes of 100 pcs 6N6P-I made back in 1971, in NEVZ Novosibirsk tube plant for Soviet army. These are premium grade, gold grid tubes with exceptional quality control and OTK marks on every single tube as well on 100 pcs boxes too.

Platinum matched pairs and quads within 5% of rare 6N6P-I ECC99 E182CC with gold grids.


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4 thoughts on “6N6P-I ECC99 E182CC

  1. Mark Verhoeven

    Hello Dragan,

    I would like to order 1 matched pair of 6N6P-I tubes.

    My address:

    Mark Verhoeven
    De Flammert 1205A
    5854 NC Bergen

    How can we proceed?



  2. François

    I’m interested in 2 pieces ECC 99 and 4 pieces 7027.
    What would they cost and costs of transportation to the Netherlands?
    Let me know.
    Best regards,

  3. Charles Edgar

    Hello, I would like a matched pair of 6N6P-I. What is the total price with shipping to California U.S. 92647 ?

    Thank you.


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