8 Pin Tube Sockets (Rimlock B8A) NOS, New Production and Used Old Production

These sockets are extremely hard to find in mint NOS condition, three types of 8 Pin Tube Sockets (Rimlock B8A) NOS in stock

In service packaging, original boxes from 60s

Original Philips NOS Rimlock sockets, ceramic base, chassis mount with matt shield

Bakelite base chassis montage and taller shiny shield ceramic base chassis montage too

It’s still possible to find great audio tubes with B8A base for reasonable prices: ECC40 is one of the most desirables twin triodes, EL41 / EL42 is great output pentode, EF40 similar to EF86 and AZ41 nice rectifier tube.

If you need some other specific Rimlock socket, please email me, I have big choice of used sockets for restoration of vintage antique radio receivers and amplifiers.

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