CCa Siemens

CCa Siemens, gold pins, one of the best sounding ECC88 / 6DJ8 / E88CC / 6922 together
with Telefunken diamond mark and Philips and Amperex, possible close matching. I have three different types, even “all grey” U getter and D getter, the earliest types from 50s. 

Bunch of CCa Siemens used tubes. They are premium, special version of  E88CC with same capacitance for both triode systems, selected for low noise and microphonics. They have been commonly used in old tube test equipment and in radio receivers. For example the king of all tube receivers Siemens 125E101a has used 52 of them. Now, they are very, very rare and all audiophiles are crazy for these real gems.

This is type II “gray shield”, double stage getter Siemens CCa from 60s

Double stage getter, gold pins and matched pair (within 2%!!!) of Siemens CCa gold pins ECC88 / 6DJ8 type II

Type III “silver shield” matched pair from 70s

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7 thoughts on “CCa Siemens

  1. Steven

    Hello, I’m looking for a nice pair of older Siemens CCA grey plates or E88CC greys with strong readings. Do you have any of these? or know where I can find a pair?
    Kind regards, Steve (Australia)

  2. gary

    Dear Seller,
    I am searching for strong to great testing Siemens cca tubes.
    Are you currently selling any?
    Thank You.

  3. Charoen Jaturasil

    I’m looking a pair of Siemens CCa ’60, ultra low noise and microphonics.
    Pls. send pics and price



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