GU50 USSR LS50 Telefunken FU50 China

GU50 Russian copy of Telefunken’s LS50, great pentode for audio use, pentode or triode mode, also for small HF linear amplifier with GU50

I have more than 1000 pieces, so close selection is possible. These tubes can oscilate too much in characheristics. Different boxes according to year of production and by order!

And two different getter types of GU50, “angle getter” and normal 90 degrees getter

Matched pair with same date codes and same series stamp!


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One thought on “GU50 USSR LS50 Telefunken FU50 China

  1. Ron Freeman

    Can you please price GU50 and FU50 and tell me the difference (and which may sound better) and if they are interchangeable without adjustment.

    Thank you,


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