PCC88 Tungsram 7DJ8

New without boxes, all came in bulk packaging!

These tubes from 70s, made in Hungary. Can be used in ECC88 / E88CC / 6DJ8 / 6922  aplications. Smooth sound and good details and dynamics!

PCC88 (ECC88, 6DJ8, 6922, 7308) Tungsram double triode,
big ring getter type, gray plates, all same codes, more than 300 pieces in stock. These fine tubes were made back in 1971 in Tungsram plant, Hungary, I have few matched pairs and quads within 1%!!!


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6 thoughts on “PCC88 Tungsram 7DJ8

  1. endres

    I am interrestet in a matched quad Tungsram PCC88. Avaiable? How much ist it? Shipping to germany possible?

    Burkhard Endres

  2. Dolgikh

    Hello! I am interested in a matched quad Tungsram PCC88. Available? How much is it? Shipping to russia possible?

  3. Ian

    Hi, could you mail me a price for a good matched pair of the Tungsram PCC88 please? Plus shipping to UK.

  4. Steve Webb

    Hi I’m interested in 2no matched pairs of Tungsram PCC88/7DJ8 tubes.
    How much are they to include posting to England.


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