PL500 RFT Germany 27GB5

New in original boxes, PL500, PL504, 27GB5

Made in Germany by RFT in 60s

Schematics of PL500 push pull amplifier (Ua=250V, Ug1=-45V, AB2, Raa = 3k) Radio Amater Oktobar 1965

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One thought on “PL500 RFT Germany 27GB5

  1. Leif Johansson

    My name is Leif Johansson Audiosoft HB Gruvstigen 11 59731 Åtvidaberg.
    We used RFT PL500 in our amplifier for 20 years ago from RFT in east Germany.
    I work on a new Hi-Fi amplifier with 8 st tube PL500 today and we are interested to
    buy the same tube from you if the price are OK.
    MVH Leif Johansson.


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