PL519 EI Rebranded Tungsram

PL519 40KG6A EI Yugoslavia, made in 1980s on Philips machines and with Philips materials for Tungsram Hungary. They were also rebranded Philips, Siemens, Valvo, Telefunken and AEG. In original boxes.

Triple mica construction, the best for audio use, much much better than current production clones.

On the right is EI PL509 40KG6 “dual mica” in original Philips bulb. A little bit shorter and little bit fatter glass bulb.These Tungsram’s have identical triple mica construction as EI PL519 AFA Philips codes.



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2 thoughts on “PL519 EI Rebranded Tungsram

  1. Guillermo

    i need some tubes. For example model PL519, EL 519, EL 509, PL 509 6 KG 6.
    for 200 or 300 units.



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