PL519 Philips 40KG6A NOS Platinum Quad

PL519 Philips 40KG6A NOS Platinum Quad (matched within 5%)

These tubes are carefully matched by plate current on my Tesla BM215 tester:

Ua=150V Ug2=150V Ug1=-24V


No. 1 200 mA
No. 2 210 mA
No. 3 200 mA
No. 4 200 mA

True triple mica construction, AFA Philips codes


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4 thoughts on “PL519 Philips 40KG6A NOS Platinum Quad

  1. Iftekhar Ibne Zaman

    Want to purchase 2 sets of PL519 Philips 40KG6A NOS Platinum Quad (8 matched pieces). Have VISA card. How can you ship to Dhaka Bangladesh? Have you shipped to Bangladesh before? How long will it take?

  2. Dave


    Very nice website. I too have a fascination with tubes. Being born in the early 60’s I recall several tube television and radios we had.

    My question is how do I order from you? I see your inventory clearly but see nothing in regards to placing an order. What is the conversion to U.S. dollars?

    Thank you, Dave


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