Indirectly heated rectifier 500V / 175 mA


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  1. Harald Fjaer

    I am interested in buying the following tubes:
    4 pieces of GM70 tubes (Copper plated) Power tubes
    4 pieces of 5U4G rectifer tubes (RCA or other quality brands)
    4 each of E280F and 6364 tubes og high quality
    Van you provide this?
    Harald F.

    1. admin

      Hello and thanks for visiting I have sent you email about all details.

      Kind regards,


  2. Sascha Manteufel

    Hi Dragan,
    I have 2 monoblock tube amplifiers from “The Fisher” company model 100 from 1958 and they need each 2 EL37 tubes, one 5v4 rectifier, one 12AU7 and one 12AT7. How much would be a set of tubes for one amp? Could be shipped to my parents in Novi Sad. Thanks for your help and support of keeping the tube alive. Saša.

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